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Boston Globe - 2011: Her New Haven

A homeowner starts from scratch in this two-bedroom Bay Village condo, housed in a former church.


SEEING RED A unique, stitched wallcovering adds drama in the dining area and stands out against the living area's three shades of taupe.

WHEN BOSTON INTERIOR DESIGNER Eric Roseff was called in to invigorate this 1,300-square-foot Bay Village condominium, he was pleased to find it in good condition. His goal was to infuse the newly renovated interior of the condo - one of four units located in a former church - with the homeowner's taste.

"We had the rare luxury of starting with a blank slate," says Roseff. Enthusiastic about a new beginning, the homeowner, a single woman whom Roseff describes as independant and free-spirited, had gotten rid of her old furniture before moving into her new two-bedroom abode. "She wanted the place to be both refined and warm," says Roseff, who sought to give her home a clean and contemporary appeal that wasn't sterile.

A top priority was storage, so Roseff designed a floor-to-ceiling cabinet in the living area with multiple compartments. The built-in piece. which has a glossy lacquer finish, stores everything from glassware to books and baord games. It also houses a small bar and wine refrigerator.

"The living area is painted in three shades of taupe; it's very monochromatic," says Roseff. He added visual interest by introducing different textures and props of red, his client's favorite color. Amoung fiery-hued accents are two swivel Tulip chairs designed by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia. The dining area is defined by a striking red wallcovering by Maya Romanoff that has lacquer-like finish and stitching details. The Cassina dining table, purchased locally at Montage, features a dark-wood top and a polished-steel base that reflects light. "The table has a great sculpural quality - it's like a piece of art," says Roseff.

Furnishings aren't all high-end: Roseff scored a zebra rug from the 1940s on eBay and added new opaque white glass and stainless-steel kitchen cabinets from IKEA. Three red blown-glass pendant lamps equipped with nostalgic Thomas edison-style bulbs provide light at the raised breakfast bar.

In the master bedroom, the homeowner selected strong colors, including an immenase deep-brown headboard and dark-wood floating nightstands wrapped in metallic leather. Roseff added flocked-velvet wallpaper in a floral motif by Larsen and hanging light fixtures that emulate blossoms, giving the room some feminine flair.




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