Acclaimed Interior Design Firm in Boston, MA 

Design can be elusive, especially when you are working with a multitude of demands, from space and style to preferences and budget. However, when you choose Eric Roseff Designs, you work with a decorative artist who is skilled at joining practical requirements with aesthetic attributes. Share your goals and ideas with Eric, the man behind this interior design firm in Boston, MA. He creates outstanding design for commercial and residential buildings. Reach out to Eric for a consultation on your next project.


Distinctive Commercial Interior Design 

Your initial meeting with Eric sets the stage for your commercial interior design project. From the Winter Palace at Neiman Marcus to the Boston Design Center and the Studio/Parker Cote Elite Fitness center, he has created distinctive interiors that meet the client’s
requirements and fulfill his vision. This is that perfect space where beauty and functionality merge into full-scale interior design.

Superior Residential Interior Design 

Eric’s services become more personal when he provides residential interior design. Your home needs to reflect
you, which demands a design firm that can create a space that reflects the style and personality of the client. He has accomplished this to the satisfaction of his clients with unique homes from Boston, MA, to Greenwich, CT, as well as residences
in Florida, Montana, California, and more.

When your
personal space requires nothing less than outstanding interior spaces, look to
Eric to make that happen.